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Hello everyone!

I have gathered the equipment for cloning CC's, I've learned and perfected my method over the last few years and now I'm ready to start sharing my perfected product with those who are interested or are in need.

To make sure we all understand, these actual physical cards mailed to you. They can be used anywhere, in any store, just swipe and go. They are printed on real VISA cards, and contain the data from VISA Signature cards with limits up to 5k.

Currently I'm charging $135 card with the chip and magnetic stripe and $99 per card with just the magnetic stripe. I can put any name you want on the card(s) you order at no extra charge.

The plain magnetic card balances range from $3500 - $4000 USD balances. The chipped and magnetic card balances range from 4000 - 5500 USD or EUR depending on your needs and what I have available. Also I can do Western Union and PayPal transfers. For information about transfers write me hellodd@secmail.pro .

Cryptocurrency is all I accept as a means of payment, click HERE (Clearnet link, would advise not to use tor with LBC) to buy bitcoin.

Discounts are as follows:

  • Buy 2 cards get a 5% discount
  • Buy 3 cards get a 10% discount
  • Buy 5 cards get a 15% discount
  • Buy 7 cards get a 20% discount
  • Buy 10 cards get a 25% discount
  • Buy 15 cards get a 30% discount

Cards are discreetly mailed worldwide using priority mail, with tracking provided free of charge on orders of 3 or more cards. Upgrade to express shipping for $20. The time it takes to ship varies according to your location, ask me for an estimate and if I've shipped to your area before I'll be able to give you a rough idea of how long it will take to arrive.

Just Magnetic
(Lower Balances)

1 Card $99
2 Cards $188
3 Cards $267
5 Cards $421
7 Cards $554
10 Cards $743
15 Cards $999

Chipped & Magnetic
(Higher Balances)

1 Card $135
2 Cards $257
3 Cards $365
5 Cards $574
7 Cards $756
10 Cards $1013
15 Cards $1418


Contact: hellodd@secmail.pro